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Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. has implemented a new Sponsorship Request protocol effective immediately. Because we receive a large volume of sponsorship requests throughout the year, we want to make it known that we purposely keep our annual sponsorship budget low in order to reserve our major resources for grant making to non-profit organizations whose missions are closely aligned with ours. We are, however, pleased to support our nonprofit partners in a limited number of event sponsorships annually. All future sponsorship opportunities/requests should be routed directly to Administrative Assistant Jessica Wareham at All requests will be reviewed by Marlene Young, President, to make the final decision.



From the onset of COVID-19 Delaplaine Foundation has understood the urgency of the circumstances and has acted upon that urgency by issuing community emergency relief funding. To date, we have awarded $539,000 in emergency relief grants to the Frederick County community by awarding 70 grants to community nonprofits and we’ve been proud to align with other local philanthropic funders in the COVID-19 Collaborative that has to date put over $1.8 million in emergency grant funds into our community. We’ve seen new issues come about that have required a new navigation as we are living through a public health crisis. We are assessing the availability of resources to help equitably connect need with supply as we all acknowledge that these crises are a weight we all share. We are all interconnected in doing our part to support one another. We continue to thank those who are working hard on the frontlines of healthcare and in first responder roles during this time and encourage all to continue to take seriously the CDC protocols for safety and preventative measures that include physical distancing, wearing of masks when in public and frequent hand washing. We wish good health and well-being for all.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. acknowledges that our mission is most effectively fulfilled when we value and respect the many differences that comprise thriving communities and seek diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure that a range of perspectives, opinions, and experiences are recognized and acted upon in achieving our mission. We strive to partner with qualified nonprofit organizations whose missions align with ours and incorporate the values of diversity, equity and inclusion into their missions and those whom they serve. We will maintain an ongoing dialogue to examine, assess, and refine our work through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusiveness. It is our intention to promote a fully equitable philanthropic sector that justly represents and serves all constituencies.

A Legacy of Service, A Leader in Philanthropic Giving

Delaplaine Foundation, Inc., is a private family foundation based in Frederick, Maryland, dedicated to the enrichment of communities and families within Maryland, nearby states and the District of Columbia by supporting programs to strengthen the arts and sciences, historical preservation, educational advancement, spiritual enlightenment and well-being.


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